Cake Toppers

Posted by on May 9, 2014 in Thoughts and musings

These aren’t cherries on the top of your cakes, they’re not figurines of the bride and groom, they are in fact, flowers. Flowers are edible to a certain extent, but eating flowers isn’t an accepted practice in our culture, even if they happen to be on top of a cake. However, in this instance, these flowers are paper flowers, which are distinct to the organic kind and are used decoratively, much like the organic sort. These paper/origami flowers last forever; normal flowers won’t, even if you keep them in the ground/ Not only this but they can be custom made to fit how you’d like them to look like.

Exeter Florist

There is a ‘paper florist’ specialising in this craft, who can make wedding flowers, aromatherapy flowers, brides bouquets, garlands and much more – whilst not forgetting cake toppers in the form of flowers.