Exeter Physio for all your physio needs

Posted by on Dec 14, 2016 in Local services

Choose Exeter Physio to fix your pain and discomfort

Exeter Physio, located just on the outskirts of Exeter city center, is a great place to have all your back, joint and muscle problems fixed. The friendly physio staff will have a chat with you to firstly work out the real reason for your pain or discomfort and will then come up with a plan to help with your problem.

Through careful massage or manipulation, together with a guide on how to move our exercise at home, you can be sure that your physio problem will go away.

Their approach to your recovery is underpinned by a strong desire for you not to need our help in the long term. They want you fit, well and enjoying life, confident in your body and mind and taking control of your journey to recovery.

Their vast wealth of expertise means they can assess everything that influences your pain including movements, behaviour, injury, lifestyle and general health. They can then proiritise the importance in your presentation and offer you a plan to change your symptoms.

As well as physiotherapy they offer many other services including:

– massage therapy
– chiropody and orthotics
– neurological rehabilitation
– yoga
– Pilates
– hydrotherapy

Contact Exeter Physio to fix your pain and discomfort now.