Fly Tipping

Posted by on May 7, 2014 in Thoughts and musings

It’s the illegal dumping of waste on private or public land, or all land, generally speaking. The dumping of rubbish is only permitted on land that has a licence i.e. a landfill. One of the main causes for the increased frequency of fly tipping in the UK is the introduction of landfill taxes, and fly tipping in effect is tax evasion. The build up of rubbish on a vacant, unmonitored site is an eye sore, and is largely detrimental to the environment considering how the site could be hazardous or even toxic. The cost of removing waste from a fly tipping hotspot further increases the longer it is left, and the quicker the site is moved, the likelihood of more rubbish being dumped in the area as a consequence becomes far less likely.

Grounds Maintenance Devon

There are people who can help rid of a fly tipping area regardless of whether it’s on residential, corporate or commercial land. With this in mind, they also offer graffiti removal, litter collection, site clearance, leaf collection and a great deal more.

Landscaping Devon

They don’t only offer grounds maintenance; they have an arsenal of equipment and machinery to take on projects of all sizes in regards to Landscaping. Whether it’s a design they’ve conjured themselves, or a design they’ll inherit, they offer the highest standards. They’ll even respond quickly to accommodate the needs of a busy construction site too. With all of the above in mind, fly tipping removal is something AGC Landscapes will happily remove, making out communities in throughout the southwest that bit cleaner.