Handmade Flowers

Posted by on Apr 22, 2014 in Thoughts and musings

Exeter Florist

Flowers – irrespective of what occasion you’re using them at, whether it’s wedding flowers, funeral flowers, or flowers just to make your home more pleasant, you’ll eventually have to get rid of them because they’ll wilt away and go brown after a while. Despite investing a fair amount of time in maintaining them, you can’t escape the inevitable. An all purpose fake flower might do the trick, but what about something different, perhaps even bespoke flowers?

Hand made flowers in the form of paper origami flowers may not sound so glamorous at first but the thought of having flowers that will last forever sounds even more far fetched. There’s an Exeter florist doing just this, they’re handcrafting flowers for all occasions, be it big or small just for you, or someone else, using wonderful colours and techniques to make your bouquet last forever.