Internal Communication for Changing Times

Posted by on May 2, 2014 in Thoughts and musings

An Internal Communications Challenge … what is it? Internal Communications is the collected effort of a company to try and maintain dialogue amongst all areas of the company, all the way from the face of the company to the people working on the frontlines. They could go about creating a monthly magazine about the company – Next PLC for instance have a magazine called Faith Restorer that employees can read during breaks that tells them all of the news and announcements from within the past month, and subsequently “restores their faith” in the company. But perhaps a company is going through some form of change, and any amount of monthly magazines aren’t going to get across a message that everyone in the company needs to know about. Maybe you need some guidance for this internal communications challenge.

Whether it is a big change or a small change, there are internal communication consultants who bring a blend of creativity, expertise and experience to help you achieve your challenge. Tailor Made Communication provide internal communication consultancy across the whole of the UK but are based in Bristol.