Piling Foundations website

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Diamond Piling are located in Exeter and have offices all over the UK.

Literally, the foundation for all kinds of modern construction. Instead of using the old-fashioned approach of excavating large amounts of soil and then laying foundations, Diamond Piling creates steel-reinforced, solid concrete columns.

There are lots of advantages to Diamond Piling’s modern piling techniques. They mean less noise and vibration, less time, and less fuss for builders and architects. Our piling is impressively versatile, too. Our mini-piling rigs can work on almost any ground type and location – even unstable ground, and limited-access sites.

The truth is, foundations from Diamond Piling are designed to be whatever what your property needs. As foundation specialists, Diamond Piling has the experience, tools and techniques to offer a wide variety of foundations. Our foundations can help you reinforce existing buildings, install piled retaining walls, or create new foundations for all kinds of homes, commercial properties and building types.