Seasonal Branding

Posted by on Nov 24, 2014 in Services

Get personal, and connect on a new level. 

Christmas is a time for goodwill and cheer, so why not adapt your branding to show this? Sell you and your services using fresh copy and images that encourage warm, festive thoughts. Use emotive language to make your customer feel good, and they’ll connect that good feeling with your business.

John Lewis is a great example of this. It seems to be a running competition with Sainsbury’s of who can make the public cry the most. This year a loveable penguin, longing for love. Vs an incredible true story from the war. Notice how neither show products, mention great service or brag about speedy delivery, just a heart warming 60 seconds of what Christmas is really about.

So maybe a million pound advertising campaign isn’t what you need, but a great graphic design team can create fun, festive branding without being cheesy or diluting your message.

Its key to make sure they know your company inside out. Your branding needs to be consistent, it doesn’t matter if your celebrating Christmas, Valentines day, Summer bank holiday, or if its just everyday promotional material. Get the key points of your brand identity clear from the start, then work on expanding your idea around this.

If you want to get festive, just get in touch.