Small Posy Table Centres

Posted by on May 6, 2014 in Thoughts and musings

Exeter Florist

No, this isn’t a table giving a pose – a posy is a bunch of flowers or a bouquet, and in this case, they’re at the centre of tables. However these flowers are special in that they need no maintenance. In fact, these sorts of flowers last forever and were, at one-stage, trees and these tree flowers are called paper or origami flowers. Flowers that have been hand folded from an assortment of different colours and types of paper to make a truly unique and artistic twist to your living room, kitchen, or occasion.

The thought of having your own custom made wedding flowers to suit the colour schemes and overall tone of the occasion sounds peculiar, but it is possible if you were to advocate paper flowers, as opposed to the traditional sorts. There is an Exeter Florist specialising in paper/origami flowers and hand creates them to an exquisite finish to cater for whichever occasion whether it’s a wedding funeral or for your front room.